The Alphabet Post Challenge

Thanks to Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips who has tagged me for this challenge.

The rules are;

Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.

Display the challenge photo or create your own 

Link back to this post so I can read yours 

Create one post or multiple posts, using a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and share your thoughts on the word you chose and how it can be applied to our lives.

Be creative and have fun!

Nominate 5 -7  bloggers to participate.


For my Alphabet post, I choose to pick the words of my life philosophy, that I hope to achieve.

A; Authentic , as being true to my inner self and shunning falsehood.

B; Brave to make decisions without fear of failure or repercussions.

C; Creative as in being innovative and trying out the unknown.

D; Doggedly determined and not giving up, either hope or trying.

E; Ever ready to take up new challenges in life.

F; Figuring out things and learning new skills to improve myself.

G; Getting it done, being the most important part of any task or endeavor that I would undertake.

H; Happy as in being happy myself and making others happy.

I; Intelligent decisions, well thought out and balanced.

J; Jack of all trades and mastering them too, to the best of my abilities.

L; Lighthearted and fun, so that life is seen through rose colored glasses.

K; Kind and considerate to be a ray of sunshine for others.

M; Music lover, singing and listening to music makes many a dull and difficult tasks easy to bear.

N; Never negative always optimistic and upbeat.

O; Open and honest. Sharing new ideas and information with others.

P; Participating and promising to be a part of the community in sharing responsibilities.

Q; Questing for new ground and avenues to explore in life and in writing.

R; Rebellious against the expectations of society, the mundane and sticklers of rules.

S; Smiling and courteous to others, giving the gift of a smile to make people happy.

T; Tenacious and not giving up without trying my best.

U; Understanding and studying the human nature to become a better person.

V; Verbose and talkative, try to bring others around to see my point of view.

W; Welcoming and opening my heart and mind to new things.

X; X- factor as in having that special trait that would make me popular with others.

Y; youngish as in not old, in my mind’s eye.

Z; Zestful for living a useful life.

I am nominating anyone reading this post. Please take up this challenge and have fun.

Word of the day challenge;



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