Queen of Questions Dec28

Today’s Questions are all about TIME;

Posed by Teresa , the Queen of Questions.


1.What is something you always put off for as long as you can?

Going to sleep at night and getting up in the morning.

2. Has time sped up or slowed down for you as you have aged?

It has sped up like a bullet train!

3. What time period do you think you most belong in?

This one.

4. What book would have a completely different feel if it was set in a different time period?

Lord of the rings. Imagine how digital devices would change the whole of the complexion of the story!

5. How do you like to waste time?

Sitting on my couch and blog.

6. Have you ever killed time since reading or watching The Phantom Tollbooth?

I am not familiar with that book/ movie.

7. You have two hours to yourself…how do you spend it?

Catching a movie, with friends or all by myself.

8. How often do you think about the Doomsday Clock?


9. Do you think we are nearing the end of times (for those who believe in it)?

No idea, for me the end of time is when I die. It wouldn’t matter to me after that.

10. Armageddon is upon us…do humans survive?

Probably, we have survived a lot of things till now.

11. How will human’s time on Earth be up?

No idea. Doomsday?

12. What is your favorite quote about time?


13. What is one song that makes you time travel?

All the songs that I loved to listen to as a teenager, take me back to that time.

Like this one from Bee Gees, Tragedy

Or Boney M : Daddy Cool

Or Rasputin from Boney N



14. Speaking of Time Travelers… The Doctor (Dr. Who), Time Traveller (H.G.Wells, The Time Machine), Phineas Bogg (Voyagers!), or The Traveler (Star Trek: TNG): Who would make the better traveling companion?

I think a trip with the Doctor, in her/his phone booth would be lovely.




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