Are New Year Resolutions Over rated?

Every year, on the last day of December, we and I mean we as people in most of the world make resolutions for the next year. And a year later we look back and assess, how we have done on those ! Did we fulfill all or any of the pacts that we made with ourselves!

Has any of the resolutions you made became true? Mine very seldom do. Since I was young I did that every year and when next New Year’s Eve came, I couldn’t claim that all my resolutions and desires for that year had been realized. In fact it would be around the half-year mark, June or July that I could see that whatever I had planned fo this year was not going to be.

As most of my plans for the coming year would involve weight loss it was a given that wanting to lose fifty, sixty pounds in a year were doomed to failure anyway. And as young people are very ambitious and have a little practicality in their thinking, my plans would be fantastic and didn’t fall into the realm of achievability. Then came a time when I became more practical. In short, I grew up and my ambitions were tapered down to more achievable proportions. But there wasn’t one year that I could say that I got all that I had desired to get done that year.

My next move was the one I am sticking to till now. It totally lacks the excitement and romanticism of waiting for the time the clock would strike twelve on the last day of the year, ushering in the new year. It is a pragmatic approach. Now on the first day of the new year, I promise myself to do the best I can and be;

1. Kind to myself, in looking after my health, both physical and emotional. I make a pact to follow a healthy lifestyle, to be a more active version of myself and use the coming year for getting fitter.

2. A more giving person. To be there for my family and friends. To provide the support needed by the people around me. To not get angry and selfish.

3. To keep a check on my tendency of overspending and hoarding stuff that I don’t need for months to come. And I admit that this area needs a load of work and determination. I am always failing in this department.

4. And my new resolutions this coming year would be to write more meaningful content for my blog.

What are your plans for this new year?

How well do you do on your new year resolutions every year and how do you go about this ritual?

And what are your new year resolutions this year?

Waiting for your feedback and comments.





58 thoughts on “Are New Year Resolutions Over rated?

  1. I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a *long* time ago, like back when I was a teenager. If I’m going to resolve to be a better person, I don’t need to wait until some arbitrary day on a made up calendar to do it. I can vow to do it any day of the week.

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  2. β€œAnd what are your new year resolutions this year?”

    I resolve to still be alive on December 31, 2019 so that I can resolve on that day to still be alive on December 31, 2020. I take it one year at a time.

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  3. I stopped doing resolutions long back in the thought that why wait for new year.. Jo karna hai abi karo.. Its like if something needs to be done do it on the spot.. But yes every year there’s expectation of new beginning.. Liked your post sadje..

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    1. Thanks a lot. Why wait for the new year? Because for some unknown reason, or maybe we are programmed from early childhood to be that way, we expect something miraculous to happen on the advent of the new year. Well let’s have life goals instead of new year resolutions! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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  4. Great post! I have to say I do make resolutions and I am surprised by the amount of backlash that the act of doing so seems to generate! I usually have about 10-15 targets for the year ahead every year which I write at the front of my diary. Of course, many don’t survive the first few days but ultimately each time I have sat down with myself to think about what it is I would like for myself for the new year it has always, always been of benefit. Failing resolutions is not to be misunderstood! Everything is a learning curve! I’ll be following you from now on to read more πŸ™‚

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  5. In my opinion Sadje, new year resolutions are not over-rated. it is good to have a purpose. However, I find that many people rely on their strength alone when trying to achieve their set goals. We need to rely on the strength of God as well. Actions + Faith in God, and prayers to him, will result in success. We need God to crown our efforts, we need the father to bless the fruits of our labor. I pray with you this day sister, “any effort you make this year for the betterment of your self shall be fruitful this year in Jesus name”. Amen. Prayers to God and faith in him are key.

    If you want to know about God in more detail, you can find further information here And Here

    I wish you a beautiful year ahead. Stay strong, remain beautiful, and may God’s blessings be with you. ❀ ❀


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