I have an idea

I have an idea in the recesses of my mind

Something nebulous like a germ in the back

Of my mind, wriggling, growing and becoming

A grain of sand, or a speck of dust gaining mass

Turning into a ray of light, illuminating the whole

Now it’s fully formed, an idea that I can ponder on

Do I want an adventure or should I shelve the plan

Wait for a suitable time, let it hibernate and mature

Or take the plunge right now and finalize it already

What is with this indecision that is plaguing my mind

Do or not do? Questions that are bombarding the brain

This uncertainty can eat away the peace and the calm

The thing is to be decisive and then stand firm on it

Going back and forth and revisiting my decisions

Is not a good policy, that much we have established

Written for the following;

Your daily word prompt;






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