FPQ # 7

Fandango has posed another of his thought-provoking question;

“Do you believe that social media sites should be able to censor what people post on their sites and ban content creators from posting? Or do you consider such actions to be a violation of freedom of speech, which is guaranteed as a right in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?”

My take;

I am strongly of the opinion that people should be allowed to say their say, but in the limits of the media protocols. If I sign up with a platform which has certain conditions and rules, that I agree to follow, I should do that to the best of my knowledge and with clear conscience.Writing material which violates these terms should be avoided at all times and people who do so, should be ready for their content to be removed or banned from that platform.

Freedom of speech;

The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation.

Since the social media platform/ sites are not run by the government, they can impose censorship according to their terms and conditions.

The fact that people are free to say something which is factually true, doesn’t give them the license to spread hate through statements which probably aren’t true. And spreading strife and hatred are a crime against humanity.



FPQ # 7

18 thoughts on “FPQ # 7

  1. Agreed. Many of my writer friends disagree and would rather see hate and bullying than one post be mistakenly taken down, but I’m the opposite. A post can be retrieved if it turns out to fall within the rules. But someone devastated by an unfair, libelous troll attack… well, we know what can happen there.

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  2. Sadly, those who claim free speech are those who are usually quick to judge and create hate. It’s necessary to have rules, regulations, and restrictions. Free speech that abide by those is fine. That’s just my opinion.

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  3. SUZE, If you want to ban websites that are “mostly the far (so far as to be out of reality) right political blogs” , then that is still banning free speech. I have always said we don’t all have to like what everyone says, but we all have a right to speak our minds. If you start banning some, then eventually everything will be banned, and that is a very slippery slope that I do want to go down.

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