Reflected Echo

I just finished this fascinating book by Teresa Grabs, AKA, The Haunted Wordsmith.

I got the books couple of weeks ago but wasn’t finding time to read it. Today, since all writing was taken care of, I started to read it. I meant to read a little today but once I started, I had to read the book till the end.

I won’t give out any details about the plot other than saying that though it’s written for young adults, people of all ages will enjoy it. The plot is unique and so interesting that you won’t put it down with out reading till the final chapter.

The author has done a great job in engaging the reader’s attention and the plot laid out is balanced and rational. I loved the main character, Echo Monat. She is gutsy, resourceful and determined. Loved how the adventure made her change and adapt.

My Recommendation;

All of you who haven’t read this book by Ms Garbs, get a copy now. A five star ratings from me.




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