Are email notifications from WordPress jamming up your inbox!

When I started by blog, I didn’t know much about how to manage the notifications in my app and my computer/ laptop.

As I got into the groove, my readership grew and each and every time anyone commented, liked or followed my blog, I would get an email. So in addition to writing, reading and commenting a new task was added. That of deleting hundreds of emails from my inbox. This not only consumed a lot of time but caused a lot of irritation to me.

Every time I received an email with a notification, I was asked if I was getting too many emails and if I wanted to reduce the number of emails. I would try to uncheck the different boxes in the hopes of reducing the influx of these emails, but no substantial improvement happened.

Then one day I hit the jackpot! I found out how I could stop all email notifications and get the notifications in my app reader or on my laptop reader. I took a screen shot to show what should be done to achieve this result.

This is how it’s done;

Open the settings tab in your WordPress site.

Open the discussion tab;

In under the comments section, you will see the email preferences;

In the email preferences, un-select all the tabs which notification you don’t want to get via email.

This is Step 1.

Step 2;

Open the reader. Now go to the manage follows. Open the posts of the people you want to receive notifications from, and click on the three little dots near the bottom of each post in the right corner. You will be given the option to turn on site notifications. This will enable you to receive notifications in your reader about new posts from your favorite bloggers.

This is a bit tedious step but at the end of this exercise, you will be receiving the notifications in your reader only and would not be missing out on any of your favorite posts.

Let me know if this post is helpful.

Waiting for your feedback and comments


48 thoughts on “Are email notifications from WordPress jamming up your inbox!

  1. Ah, see, I never turned mine on. ^_^ Or, I turned them off whenever I set my WordPress up. I can’t remember. I abhor “notification” email, so I do everything to not get it.

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  2. Yes, I know, but I don’t like the Reader and never have. On the other hand, the several hundred email (and I just get notification of new posts — nothing else) are more than a little frustrating. I want to answer everyone and I want to read all those posts, but if I am going to actually write and create photographs too, there has to be some time left over for that and lately, there never seems to be enough time to read, write, process and post. I’m not sure there IS an answer. Even if you use the reader if you are going to REALLY read posts, as opposed to just liking them and moving on, it takes time. If you are going to also comments, even more time. And meanwhile, I’ve got to manage my own site too.

    It’s not a real complaint. No one is forcing me to blog at all, so whatever problems come out of it. they are my own choices. I’m loathe to unfollow blogs, so I’m just stuck.

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    1. Yes, if you look at things that way, there is no other option. I find time to read blogs, after I have written mine. And I get the notifications in my reader instead of email. I guess we all have our own way of doing things. Thanks for your feedback.


  3. Very helpful. It would be lovely to have the time to read everything for which I receive a notification, but sadly this is not the case. I still want to keep up with lots of people but being selective is important. I didn’t know about the 3 little dots…so thanks for sharing. I’m going to re-blog this, as I’m sure many people will find it helpful too.

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  4. I feel bad for the people who have that turned on for me when I am in a good mood…lol. Odd question for you (and I don’t mean anything by it), but why is your post all in bold? It makes it harder to read (at least to me).

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      1. Really? Everything is in bold and italics on my screen. There is a huge difference between the post and the “you are following blah blah” text. Oh well, must just be me then lol

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          1. Yep, bold and italic on the reader. Although just an FYI about the new gutenberg and the reader…colored text appears black and white in the reader lol

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