Lucy would wait every day by the road for the school bus to arrive. She waited for Jeannette . Her timing was perfect, reaching the place where the school bus stopped every day at four O clock. She would anticipate the arrival of Jeannette and be ready to welcome her on time daily.

Jen would be so happy for this welcome that her stress of school would be forgotten. The driver of the school bus would help her out of the bus and then would make sure that Lucy is there to help her on her way home. Jen would be safe with Lucy, and her family trusted her to be there for Jeannette.

Lucy was a seeing eye dog.

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13 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Lovely story.
    We have several dogs in training here so give them space, as we do with dogs we know are on duty. One black lab made friends with me when the harness was dropped as he was allowed to have fuss then, but as soon as that harness was in hand, it was like a switch being thrown. It’s wonderful how these assistance dogs can change a person’s quality of life.
    if I may:

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