Are you a spiritual person?

I am, but being spiritual and being religious are different. One can be both or just spiritual. I haven’t met a person who was religious but not spiritual. But maybe they don’t know the difference!

What does it means exactly; To be spiritual?

Being spiritual means to be in sync with ones internal self, or the soul. It implies a connection with one’s inner spirit. To be in harmony with your core feelings.

I can describe myself as being spiritual because I feel that my outer or physical being is at peace with my inner or spiritual self. I have through meditation and thinking, created a connection with my soul. In this equation, both parts of my personality are existing in a harmonious relationship.

In straight forward words, I am not very concerned with the results of my endeavors because I know that my intentions are true. There are so many things that are out of my control in this life, and so I do what I can, to the best of my ability and then I don’t worry about the results. Not to go too deep into the philosophy of spirituality, it is enough to say that the way life happens, is not in our control so we are more at peace when we accept the inevitable and more forward.

How do you perceive spirituality?

Waiting to hear from you in the comments.

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61 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. Thankyou for this Sadje. Yes, I am spiritual. My spirituality encompasses ALL. I do not see it as part of any one religion or faith. My life experience has in itself made me spiritual, because just the outer, physical, cannot sustain us. When life gets really tough, and you are stripped of everythung that you once were, then your spirituality is what sees you through. It does not mean it is easy, but you have to find something other than the physical and material or you would go under. For me, to be spiritual involves total honesty with yourself and the getting rid of all masks and illusions. Being the real you. That is my take on it Sadhe, and I think it is very close to yours.

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  2. Nice post. I consider myself spiritual because I’m not religious, yet my faith is Christianity. My faith in God/Jesus is where I draw my strength from, He is what gets me through my days and I attribute everything to Him. Even before I was baptized, He was present in small ways. But this is how He has manifested in my life.

    Religion is rules. Alot of religions govern by rules, hence the controversy with Christianity. I follow what Jesus teaches, what God expects of us as human beings: to love others as you love yourself. I practice this everyday.

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  3. I believe spirituality is a personal journey of discovering yourself, maintaining health of every type, and trying to be in balance with nature. Spirituality is less regulated by rules and any โ€œGodโ€, where some include God in their spirituality.
    Itโ€™s finding the inner truth and externalizing it.

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  4. I like Novaโ€™s reply. Iโ€™m not religious at all, though I enjoy religious music (Jewish) and some rituals, such as lighting candles. I donโ€™t much enjoy temples however ~ I prefer doing things at home, when I want. My home is where I feel comfort and peace, not among strangers. I believe that thinking about oneโ€™s behavior in the world, toward others, the environment, and how we respect ourselves is also part of a spiritual practice. In that sense Iโ€™m spiritual, but not in the sense of worshiping any gods because I donโ€™t.

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  5. Nice post!!!

    Spirituality, for me, involves a โ€˜holistic’ appreciation of a universe in which everyone and everything is connected seamlessly with everyone and everything else.

    Wish you Merry Christmas and love!!!!

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  6. Sorry this makes little sense. If one is religious they take things as given, in faith, and do not question. While a spiritual person questions, questions everything, doubts, thinks, etc… just read Buddha, Rumi, Santa Teresa de Avila, Maimonides anyone with a spiritual encline and you will understand. People these days use words without looking for their actual meaning. Spiritual is in fashion so everyone likes to stick that label to them. But being spiritual is more than just feeling some warm energy in the early morning with some cheap incense on. It is a daily, minute by minute way of living honestly, truly in full harmony between the heart and the mind and the deeds. It is not easy. And when truly spiritual, one actually does not say he or she is. Just like with humility.

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  7. In a few words, spirituality to me is living in a state of oneness with everything in creation because you understand that all things are fundamentally one. This understanding causes you to seek to be in harmony with the natural order/cycles of life –your life then become a prayer of understanding what those natural cycles are. The more you understand those, the more you understand self. You then are able to put daily experiences/life into proper perspective. It’s a never-ending journey of becoming the best expression of who we really are.

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  8. To me, spirituality is the insatiable curiosity to know more about oneself, particularly in the areas of one’s mind and emotions. The thirst for more experiences that lead to new revelations within oneself is I believe a great secret to happiness in life. It is sad that many religions, especially in the past (somewhat less so in the present), did not encourage individual thinking, but rather attempted to manipulate entire worldviews through the desire to eliminate that need for individual reflection.

    Of interesting note: Christianity uses the term “mystery” often. In a spiritual setting, “mystery” is supposed to mean that whatever it is you are contemplating on has its own meaning unique to yourself, and through that unique “mystery” meaning, which involves reflection and thinking of course…greater understanding and closeness to (God/Jesus etc) is achieved. Mystery is very important in most Eastern religions, but also in the traditional Pagan faiths (even the more contemporary Wicca). It is used freely in many Christian statements (“The mystery of faith” at communion) and in the Bible (“Behold, I tell you a mystery/Revelations”), yet most churches with any sort of power discouraged that unique thought process.

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  9. Technically speaking we are all on a spiritual path. The path may be subdivided into religious and cosmic consciousness. We all travel the road of religion during our stay in the lower realm. As young spirit beings, religion instills fear in us to conform until we are transformed. Transformation means we have become mature adults who are able to live according to our inner law. The inner law awakens in us a feeling of self-governs. Self-governance dictates that we conduct all our affairs according to reason and responsibility.

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  10. I am very spiritual without every practicing any religion or attending church regularly, but still believe in God. It’s all in the mindset and how you control your conscious state of mind.

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  11. Reverent greetings! Personally, I think it is not necessary to make a hard and fast distinction between spirituality and religion. If we try to define either of these terms too tightly, we leave little room for creativity and subjectivity. At this moment, I am speaking from a non-dual perspective that would embrace both spirituality and religion for all that they are and all that they are not. I am grateful for your post and for your discussion here. Many blessings to all. Sat Naam! https://surjotkaur.com/2019/04/04/inhale-poetry-exhale-prayer/

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. Religion and spirituality can be one and the same or they could be separate. Some people are religious but lack spirituality and vise versa. Being spiritual means that it touches the core of your soul and that is the important part. If we look at religions they all have the same basic code. The differences are created by man, not God!


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