Tulip Festival

A weekend, last April, we visited the Tulip Festival in Skagit valley. It was a few hours drive from Seattle, which we enjoyed, it being a nice sunny day. The Tulip Festival is held each year in April, when the flowers are in their full bloom and people come to see these wonderful displays.

An ambiance is created which gives an impression that the visitors are in Holland, complete with a decorative wind mill. The flowers are planted in a similar manner to the Tulip fields in Holland. Even before one reaches the actual gardens, we are able to see the festive display of long rows of colorful flowers.

The entrance is bedecked by numerous varieties of Tulips, Narcissi (a variety of Daffodils ) and many other colors and types of Daffodils. I love the white narcissus so I took a lot of pictures there. The arrangements were made to cater to the exceptionally large crowds. There were area for eating with long queues of people and portable toilets, which were very much in demand.

Though the weather had turned rainy, we had a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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15 thoughts on “Tulip Festival

  1. We missed the tulip festival by a week when we got married and took our honeymoon in Amsterdam. The last tulips I bought were for my Mum and by the time we got there, they were limp and dying and couldn’t be revived.

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