What NOT to do if you;

Eat a bar of dark chocolate with a cup of strong coffee, if you want a good night sleep!

Have three full meals if you want to lose weight

Laugh when you’re drinking, if you don’t want to inhale all that liquid

Smoke if you want to have healthy lungs till the end of your days

Disregard the traffic rules if you want safety on the road

Use your electronic device before sleeping if you want a calm mind


Gossip about a friend if you want to have true friends

Insult someone if you want their respect for yourself

Criticize someone’s hard work if you would ask help from them

Share a secret with one person if you don’t want the whole world to know

Go on a shopping spree if you are planning to save money

Start a new chore while short on time if you don’t want to add stress

These are some of the common sense things that I find myself ignoring sometimes and suffering from the consequences later. We all know them and still at times, we do one or the other of these un-advisable actions. Have any of you have pearls of wisdom to share?


13 thoughts on “What NOT to do if you;

  1. I often fall asleep with my phone in my hand… I guess it depends what you’re reading.

    The three meals is great advice, especially for older folks who are mostly sedentary. We simply don’t need that much food. Most days, I eat more at lunch and very little at night. It also helps that I don’t have a man, lol.

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