The Scrooge!

The fruit gardens were a delightful discovery. Penny wandered around, enjoying the delightful sight and aroma of the fruit from different trees. The Satsuma oranges were so inviting that she plucked a ripe one from the branch and ate it right there. The island was not totally deserted as someone must be growing the fruit, but she or any of the people who had been shipwrecked with,hadn’t spotted any living soul since their arrival.

Their ship had suffered a lot of damage when the storm hit them. They had managed to escape in the life boat to this island. Luckily there weren’t that many people on that ship, and all were rescued and were safe now. Though their boat had been smashed when they reached the rocky beach.

Now they were living in the tents they had erected , made out of old cloth sails and had installed the flag from the ship, as a sign of inhabitation.

Penny was lost in her wanderings, when there was sound of someone approaching. She was alone and became apprehensive as to who might it be. The man coming through the garden was an old man. He looked very annoyed at seeing her there. ” Who are you? What are you doing in my garden? “Came the shrill voiced questions. Penny told him about being shipwrecked on the island a couple of days ago and how all of them were exploring the island too seek help.

The man didn’t show any sympathy towards the fate of the shipwrecked people and asked in a belligerent tone for Penny to leave. He refused to listen to anything she tried to say, and quite rudely said that it wasn’t any concern of his. This made Penny very upset. “Why are you being such a Scrooge,” she said, “all we want is some food and guidance on how to reach mainland” The man was startled at the question. “How did you know my name was Scrooge?”He demanded of her. Penny was speechless!

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Ship, Flag, Satsuma




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