FPQ #6

Fandango asked one of his provocative questions today;

“Is technological advancement a net positive or a net negative?”

Technology is the basis of all the developments we see around us today. Our way of living, our housing, the food we eat, the way we travel, the current medical treatments and procedures and much more is the result of developments due to the technological advances. We are reaping the fruit of technology and development due to it since the early 1900’s, when there was the industrial revolution.

To deny the beneficial role of technical advancement in our lives would be to deny the blatant truth.

Is it all good or all bad?

The answer is no.

As with any other development in human history, technology is a double-edged sword, bringing relief on one hand and inconvenience on the other.

If we see one side of the picture, we can see all the convenience brought to us due to the advances of technical knowledge. From birth to death, the human race enjoys the benefits of technology. The most noteworthy are the advancement in the medical field. There are other numerous advantages due to technology like a warm house in winters and a cool one in summers. The plentiful food, food products, naturally produced or manufactured from natural ingredients is another example. The clothes we wear all are given a boost by technical advancement, by the availability of light weight weather resistant fabrics which are long-lasting and easy to wear. Construction industry has also seen immense improvement due to technology. And there are numerous other fields where we see our lives improve due to technology.

On the other side, the industry which is generating all this high-tech way of life for us to enjoy, has damaged our environment no end. The means of communication where has reduced the world to a global village, has also made us slaves to it. The internet and social media have become the sore point in out lives. Our kids are addicted to the social media sites, but also have a underlying dread of it, due to the peer pressure it causes. The media can make or break someone in seconds. World events are being influenced by unethical manipulation of the social media sites. Something which a few years ago used to be the stuff of science fiction stories, had become a frightening reality today.

There is no solution to this problem, unless done on an organized world-wide level.

FPQ # 6



14 thoughts on “FPQ #6

  1. I definitely see all the modern technological advances as a double edged sword. There are many, many positives, but there are a lot of negatives too. I guess the biggest problem I see with all this advanced technology is that we as a society are not ready for all the advances that have been made, and we are desperately trying to catch up with technology.

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  2. Agreed. And a typical response is “I personally don’t do anything bad.” Well, fine but how often do you scroll past the bullies and flamers and haters and abusers, giving them a pass, allowing them to exist by virtue of your presence enabling the platform with your account adding to their ad revenue? It’s not simply a matter of you or me not directly being bad. We enable the bad guys by letting them slide. I know we can’t confront them because we’ll be attacked by an army of trolls. I certainly don’t bother them. But I acknowledge the issue.

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