A changed life

The situation was difficult. It resembled a nightmare more than real life. Sabine was hoping that the circumstances would improve given enough time. The fact that her father had denounced his own family wealth and had left home to live in a homeless shelter was beyond her comprehension. Why would anyone do that? Leave the luxury of their ancestral home, where he was born and raised, and now spending time with a lot of homeless people. The rest of the family was bewildered too. Her mom was so upset at this action of her husband that she was refusing to even discuss it with her children. She was avoiding her friends and acquaintances for the questions they might ask!

The worst thing the family felt was, that he had told a lot of this friends about this decision of his. Some of his friends were even supporting this outrageous action. Today she planned to visit her father and try to convince him to come home. The family didn’t want to be the topic of every gossip mill in the city.

The homeless shelter was in the busiest part of the city. She entered it with a lot of trepidation, not sure what she would find there. After looking for him for a few minutes, she was directed towards the place where he was busy helping the sisters in the free kitchen. Sabine was incredulous to see him handing out food plates and soup bowl to the people waiting in the queue. Her father, the CEO of his own company, a multimillionaire, working in a kitchen! Keeping all her thoughts to herself, she waited impatiently for him to be free.

When he had some time to spare, he came over to where she was sitting. Though he was warm and affectionate in his greetings, Sabine felt cold and disturbed.

” What are you doing here dad?” She asked. ” I am learning how these shelters work, you don’t get a proper idea from just reading or asking about it from others” came the calm reply. ” But why are you doing it? I can’t understand what is going on. Why are being so secretive?Everyone is so upset at home and you have made us all the talk of the town” it all came out in a rush. ” Well dear, I suddenly realized that what a wasteful life I was leading. I have decided to dedicate my time and money towards building several shelters like these, but with better facilities. It is time to pay back what we have been taking from the society. It is my new mission in life”. But dad…… Sabine couldn’t think straight far less form a question to ask her dad.

” You want to know what brought this change in my thinking? I was passing by this shelter last week , when I saw one of my old buddy go inside. Intrigued, I followed him in and saw that he was helping the sisters like what I was doing just now. We had a long chat and I realized that my, or should I say our way of living is very selfish. We are taking a lot and not going back enough. That day changed me. I will resign from the company, and devote my time and talent to make this work. I hope that you will understand and make the rest of the family do so too” She sat there, digesting all this information. ” I will try, dad. Maybe you have even convinced me” Sabine said, a thoughtful expression on her face

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