The kingfisher

The bird was very brightly colored and eye catching. Harold was fascinated by it. He had come to look for birds with his book packed along with his binoculars. He looked up and found out that it was a kingfisher.

This kingfisher was a rare one, almost in the endangered species list. He loved bird-watching and had accompanied his dad to this trip to indulge in his favorite hobby. Indeed, it was the kingfisher that he wanted to observe and was happy that he had spotted one. He was so happy that it felt like he had found a treasure. Its beautifully colored feathers were of vivid hues. These birds don’t make nests but live in tunnels made in the river bank and tree trunks. The bird would use it’s long beak to break the chunks of earth and make a long passage like tunnel.

He took out his camera and shot a few pictures of the birds.

Kookaburra and the common kingfisher were among the bird that he spotted.

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Break, King, Feather






photos credit; Wikipedia


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