Walking and making tracks

Inspired by Rory‘s poem Echoing Footsteps

We walk in the footsteps of our own making or in those of others?

Do we carve our own path or are we stepping on the oft trodden way.

Are the choices we make are already made for us by others before us

Or are we brave enough to go solo, do what hasn’t been done by our predecessors

Life gives us one chance to live, we can be the follower or elect to become the leader

Dictated by the world or showing them how it can be done differently is a choice

That either we can make or leave it to the fate, by feigning to be powerless

Surrendering our will and giving in to that of those we think know better

Than how will we know what it is like to stand on our own feet

Finding the way forward without leaning on the ones leading us

Mistakes will be made and wrong decisions will be taken

But they will be ours, should we be brave enough to own them

And when the end is reached, there won’t be regrets that what if

What if we had taken that path or treaded on a brand new way

And gone to places no one has gone before



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