Truthfulness, lies or half truths?

Is it okay to tell a lie if it is to prevent someone from unhappiness?

Or is being truthful at all cost should be our policy. As they say, honesty is the best policy, we should follow it regardless of any harm it may cause. There are different takes on this from different people. Some support the fact that a little white lie when told to stop someone from a hurt, is permissible.

The problem with lying is that once you get on this train, there is no stopping it. If I can tell a lie to save someone from getting hurt, I can lie to save myself from embarrassment. This way of thinking can lead us into deep quagmire of deceit.

We also have the people who have different versions of truth. They think that if one tweaks the truth a little, rearranging the facts adding a bit and omitting a few parts of the whole, it is still the truth. Well most people, that is people who prefer honesty, won’t agree that it is the truth. The words of the oath taken while testifying in court has taken this tendency of people and the words, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth have been included.

The convenient lie is a lie told to give false comfort to people, because an unpleasant truth can cause a lot of panic amongst public. This is sometimes seen when the authorities keep the facts hidden, placating people with half-truths and even outright lies. And the strange thing is that people sometimes prefer to hear comforting lies rather than face the unpleasant reality.

In the end I would like to mention the living lie detectors. These are the people who can sniff out a liar and the lies like a sniffer hound. They enjoy finding out the liars and have fun while doing it.

How do you feel about lying? Is it okay to tell a lie in certain circumstances or should the truth be the king, always.

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44 thoughts on “Truthfulness, lies or half truths?

  1. Ah, the truth, a little white lie or a real porker.
    I value honesty, but sometime we have to be kind and a little white lie is acceptable. It’s the blatant porkers that get me, and Im afraid our government is rife with them.

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  2. Once someone told me a brutally honest truth. Well that made me really very sad. I can’t pen it down in words.
    But years later I am glad that person told me the truth. I couldn’t have lived with a lie and die every moment with it.

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  3. Truth is best, always but, I have discovered the hard way that many don’t want truth. They are, indeed, more comfortable with lies. A large portion of the US is like that.

    I have learned to be silent or vague. I’ve been an unwilling party to nastiness when truth was spoken.

    People have a tendency to choose ‘a side’ and ignore information that might give them a clearer view.

    Then, you have folks standing hip deep in a mess of their own making, don’t know how to fix it and carry on like nothing is wrong. Tell them the truth from a view outside their own? Meltdown.

    Excellent post.

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  4. When I was a teenager, a coworker once told me that I always played the victim. It hurt me deeply at the time and I was upset about it, but looking back, he was somewhat right. Hopefully I broke that pattern some. It is something I still work on. That victim mindset is hard to get over when you were abused for many years by those you trusted.

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  5. I’ve written about this on my blog before, but I’ll answer. I’m basically an honest person. I’m also a pragmatic person. I’ll lie if I have to, without a second thought or regret — mostly to strangers and salespeople. I have an honest face. That helps. ^_^ But I have a crappy memory so I tend not to lie to people in my life because it would be exhausting trying to remember who I told what to. And, as I mentioned before I’m basically an honest person. But I’m not an “always the truth no matter what” person because it’s just not practical.

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    1. It is an interesting read. I will admit to exaggeration when writing about something to make it more interesting. But not with the intent of making the reader believe that it is the truth. Artistic license, it is called. But when recounting facts, it’s always better to stay as close to the truth as one can.

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  6. I’m going to be honest. I’m not the most honest person. I tweak the “truth” according to the person. Some people literally can’t handle it. So, I dumb it down or don’t offer the truth at all, for fear of confrontation. If someone is asking for truth, i give it straight but usually I ask the person, what do they want.

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    1. Yeah, but what about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy??? Must we burst the balloon on all of these too?? Or the birds and the bees for a two or three year old??? I’m with the silence over lies approach. So, what about your best friend asking if her husband is having an affair and you know he is?? Sometimes it’s hard to know what you are supposed to do if you are a supposed trusted friend???

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      1. In that given scenario, I think dropping a hint would be a good idea. Because knowing is better now than later. For Santa, tooth fairy and all the other magical creations, parents should decide when to break the news.

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