The Three Wishes

He found the lamp. It was in a heap of old used utensils, discarded by the people of the town he lived in. And he didn’t know right away that it was “The lamp”. He had heard the stories, who hadn’t. But he never imagined that there was an actual real lamp. He had picked it up from the junk that it might be worth some money, enough to feed him and his mother for a few days. It did looked special.

And the the genie came out with a whoosh in a blue smoke when he was trying to clean up the lamp for selling it. After getting over his fright and incredulity he regained is street smart thinking and asked the genie, what was the deal. He had a hazy idea how the lamp and genie combo worked but he liked things to be put clearly and concisely put in front of him. It made the decision making easy.

As the genie put all the details in front of him, he asked the genie for his input. After all the genie had been doing this gig for thousands of years and knew all the way this game could be played. “If you ask my opinion, young man, I would advice you to be very careful what you wish for” “,This is a situation which can get you in a lot of trouble” came the sage advice from the veteran. ” You should not persist in trying to solve all the problems in your life through these three wishes”

This really clicked with him. He settled for a nice all mortgage paid house in a good neighborhood, a stable monthly income and some cash in the bank for use.

A modern day Aladdin story!

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