For me the word cycle means the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. I have been dieting nearly all my adult life. But is has always been a cycle of weight loss accompanied by weight gain the moment I would stop the diet.

My advice to people attempting to lose weight, don’t go on a diet, change you way of eating. It’s only through lifestyle changes that a permanent solution can be found for people who cary more than the required weight.

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14 thoughts on “Cycle

  1. Yes, and as we age our metabolism naturally slows unless we exercise like maniacs. I don’t exercise much at all due to chronic issues, which is so frustrating since I feel better after I do but I’m so hurty all the time it’s hard to start. Plus meds slow me down too. Vicious cycle!

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  2. I think as women we are very hard on ourselves. I have always refused to diet or own a weigh scale. My mother, bless her heart, always struggled with her weight and left me with a deep fear of weight gain. My husband has also struggled with weight all our lives and it broke my heart to see him celebrate the weight he lost due to diabetes – he lost a LOT of weight, but in the end his refusal to change his diet or to take his medications (because he wanted to lose more weight) has led to a wide array of health problems. I wish society would not be judgmental of those who struggle with weight….

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