The park at the Intersection

There was great excitement in the toy land. A new park was being opened today at the intersection of the Main Street and Jolly Avenue. The toys, all had gathered outside the gates waiting for the toy land Mayor, Mr Binngles to do the honors. As the time for opening came and then passed, all the toys got impatient, specially the little ones. They had made plans to play with the others on the park swings, slides and the seesaws.

A spokesman for the Mayor came up to the waiting crowd and apologized for the delay. It seemed that Mr Binngles was still busy with a previous commitment and was not able to perform the opening of the park. As the crowd started grumbling , the spokesman said in a soothing voice, that since the Mayor couldn’t be there, would the Elphy, the elephant do the opening because he was the senior most toy there.

Among lots of applause, the park at the intersection was open to the immense delight of the toy land toys.





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