The Tree Decorator

Brownie was a little golden brown teddy bear. He was very fond to tree decorating and always wanted to help when the family got up the tree. But no one understood that. He was always placed carefully at one side by Timothy, his owner. Timothy himself wasn’t given any important tasks in the tree decoration as he was just six, and a wee bit too short to be of much help anyway.

This year the tree was a splendid one. Very majestic and grand. It was decorated with beautiful glass ornaments, glass angles and lights. Only the tree topper was left for the next day. When the family had all gone to their rooms, Brownie grabbed a sparkly red star and thought that he would hang it on the top of the tree, thus completing the beautiful masterpiece. He started to climb the tree, going from branch to the other. As he was almost to the top, the plan almost failed. Timothy, who had remembered that he had left Brownie downstairs, came into the family room at that moment. The Teddy bear froze in the place he was. It wasn’t a done thing for humans to see the toys moving by themselves. Timothy looked for his Teddy everywhere but didn’t see him. It was then that Teddy fumbled and the star dropped to the floor with a thud. Timothy looked where the disturbance was and saw that his Teddy was on the tree. This was so strange. He saw the sparkly red star on the floor besides the tree and picked it up. Then he got on a chair, reached up to take his Teddy down and managed to place the star on the top of the tree!

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