ThePhone Booth

It is so cold and the car broke down.

There is no one traveling on this road, so from whom should I ask for help?

Oh! What is that I see ahead?

Is that a phone booth? It is.

I can place a call for help. I think I will call my sister. She can come and pick me up.

But I must hurry, it’s so freezing cold.

There is someone in the phone booth. And the door is not opening.

What is going on? Hey! Can you finish you call?

I have an urgent call to make. Oh, there is no response. What should I do?

It is so cold outside.

Written for ;

What do you see Challenge by Hélène Vaillant




16 thoughts on “ThePhone Booth

  1. Hm…I feel like I would charge my cell phone on a wireless charger and call 911 for the person stuck inside the phone booth who might have been affected by hypothermia and was unable to get out. 🙂 I’m not sure what time period we’re in or where we are located, but it looks like there’s a warm coffee shop in the background there. Head in there and ask the barista to make a phone for you if you have no signal!

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