FPQ # 5

Fandango has come up with another of his provocative questions.

Here is what he is asking ;

“Is there a ‘blogging-you’ who is different from the real-world you? If so, how are the two ‘yous’ different? How has the ‘blogging-you’ evolved since you first started blogging?”

My answer;

The blogging-me isn’t all that different from the real me. There are slight subtle differences which I will elaborate.


When blogging, I prefer to remain anonymous. I do not share any particular details about myself, my family or even from where I come from. The reason: When I started to blog, I did some reading up and one of the advice lot of bloggers gave, was to keep your own identity separate from your blogging identity.

I am more open about my opinions and tolerant of things which in real life I may not be that comfortable discussing. I think that is also due to anonymity. I can discuss subjects which due to my dislike of confrontation, I won’t do otherwise.

I write on subjects which can be considered as not socially appropriate, if talked about in an otherwise different setting. Or I could put it like this that socially awkward subjects can be discussed openly on the blog because there is a freedom of expression.

The real world me, would not be doing some of the above mentioned things due to no cover of anonymity.

How my blogging has evolved;

Since it’s been a short time since I started to blog, I don’t think that a very marked change has occurred in my blogging personality. I may have become more confident in my writing. I have made a lot of lovely friends here in the blogging world. The encouragement I have received here has made me bold enough to address a few of the tricky issues in the blogging world.

If you guys have sensed any other changes in my writing, feel free to comment.



26 thoughts on “FPQ # 5

  1. I am anonymous, but people know my age, my family status, my location, my politics, and that I’m retired. But my anonymity allows me to say (write) things I might be less willing to say in real life, since no one can shoot or physically hit me on WordPress. 🤨

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  2. it takes time. And change is incremental. I started out anonymous and then I realized, it was stupid. Anyone who wanted to find me was going to find me anyway. Besides, I already have tons of material in print in my own name. I’ve been writing professionally for a really really long time. And my husband is sort of a little bit famous, so becoming anonymous wouldn’t accomplish much anyway.

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  3. I enjoy your site and like your writing very much! You are positive and write about things that are worth reading. I must have missed the memo on hiding my identity but I have not spilled all my beans yet. Lol! Just bits and pieces here and there but all parallel with the real me. Thank you for always writing such nice thought proving posts. You are really great!

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