A new assignment

Samantha loved to photograph things since she got her first camera for her twelfth birthday. She became a professional photographer when she grew up, combining her hobby and love for taking pictures into her profession.

Today she had a special assignment. She was covering an unusual ceremony today. It was an Indian Traditional wedding ceremony. She arrived at the venue to see the hustle bustle of preparations going on. There was a very festive marquee set up for the function. The family was already gathered there and guests were starting to arrive.

It seemed that today’s function was called “Sanget ” where there would be colorful dancing accompanied by the Indian music. Samantha was very fascinated by it all. The music was loud but carried a stimulating rhythm. There was a coterie of dancers, performing well coordinated dance sequences. The audience would also join in the singing and dancing, giving the whole affair, a gala like atmosphere. The food was great too. She immediately fell in love with their typical Indian dishes.

She took a million pictures, or so it seemed to her. She enjoyed her experience of covering an Indian wedding so much. Her host, Mr and Mrs Choppra were so happy with pictures that she took that they gave her an open invitation to come and visit them as often as she liked.

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