What’s the hurry

Have you noticed that everyone is in a hurry these days? Parents are in a hurry to send kids to school, the teacher are in a hurry to make the children understand all that they need to learn. Children are in a hurry to grow up. Young people are in a hurry to achieve greatness and acquire money. Have we , in our hurry to get from one place to the other, stopped enjoying the journey?

Can we take our life in a leisurely manner? Can the journey of life be entertaining and relaxing?

Why does it has to be caught in a frenzy of events, one colliding with the other. Overtaking each other at times and falling out of synch at others! Like the atoms in an object are constantly at motion, we are too.

If we look back to a time when our grandparents lived , we see a life of slow orderly pace. People had work. They had plenty of time for entertainment and hobbies. All the life was a well conducted symphony. In harmony and slow-paced.

So what has changed? Is this new, the norm and things will progress from here to new heights to hyperactivity? Can we slow down the pace and relish each and every moment as it passes or is the celebration of life, this fast and full speed ahead journey?

I have asked a lot of questions but I don’t have the answers. Do you? Can we take a moment to stop and smell the flowers? Enjoy the leisure of doing nothing, sitting and dreaming on the park bench watching the grass grow! All clichéd phrases but valid questions.

Waiting for your feedback and comments



30 thoughts on “What’s the hurry

  1. I don’t have answers but I do feel the urgency of daily life. I wish it would all slow down. I make an effort to slow down and take it all in. The urgency produces anxiety in me, as I am sure it does for other people. It only heightens at this time of year.

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  2. Funny, but all this technology makes it worse. We are expected to be instantly available all the time and grow anxious when people don’t respond to us immediately. We constantly check our phones for replies to messages. Email is too slow; we text or message. No one wants to talk on the phone because then we can’t as easily multitask. I’ve noticed that when I play board games with people, many can’t focus on the game ~ when it’s not their turn, they’re checking their phones. Sheesh!

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  3. Much have changed really but I always try to find time to slow down and appreciate the things around me. In this fast paced world that we live in now, it’s not always easy but it’s necessary to keep me sane. 😉

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