A journey into the unknown

First of all, something about these very unusual and interesting prompts from ~M. Putting my feet in the dirt.

I followed and wrote from her November list and the phrases are unique and interesting, to say the least. Her December prompts are not any less. They spark the imagination and lead us to new ideas.

Destiny awaited, they had no other choice.

How had they arrived here? It was all a blur in her memory. She turned towards her husband, whose hand she was still holding. Where are we? She asked Ben. I am not sure, or even how we got here, came Ben’s bemused reply. It made no sense. The last thing Rita remembered was getting into the taxi which was their transport to the hotel they had booked for their week long vacation in Sidney. And now they were standing on the edge of a highway, where vehicles were streaking past at very high speed.

The buildings weren’t anything like they had ever seen before. They couldn’t recall seeing a cityscape like this in pictures even. It was all very confusing. There were some flying transport in the air. The only explanation that came to her mind was that it was a dream.

But it wasn’t. It was the reality, they were here, wherever it was but it was real. The city in front of them was real too and so was the high speed cars whizzing past them. Rita and Ben weren’t a venturesome couple. In fact they were quite sedate in their habits. That was why it was more of a shock to them to find themselves in this situation. They were feeling a great disconnect, and surreality in this situation.

Ben honey, what do you think has happened to us?Rita asked in a fascinated voice. I don’t know but I have a feeling that taxi was no ordinary taxi! Replied Ben. Could it be some sort of time machine, which has brought us here into the future? Rita said. Ben grabbed Rita’s hand tightly and stepped forward. Destiny awaited them and they had no other choice, but to face it.

Written for the following;

December Writing Prompts;

Destiny awaited them and they had no other choice



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