Special Birthday

Today was special, and no one was allowed to forget it. It was Mindy’s fourth birthday. There was going to a big celebration. All the kids from her pre-school class were invited and of course with either one or both parents. Then there were the neighbors and kids from the families around them. Her grand parents, from both sides were coming too!

Her mom, Sara, had everything under control. A catering firm was handling the whole party , eating and decorations etc. she just needed to pick up the cake . It was from a bakery downtown that was famous for their delightful cakes and other goodies! Mindy had selected the cake herself. It was a four tiered cake, so beautiful to look at and would be delicious to eat.

To be ready on time was an obsession with Sara so she went to pick up the cake quite early. The people at the shop had told her that it would be ready by eleven in the morning. She drove to the bakery and parked near the entrance so that the cake could be transported easily. Near the shop there was an enclave. A man was crouching down on the floor, his hand were shaking with cold. He was wearing threadbare clothes and nothing to protect him from the cold weather. Sara’s attention was immediately caught by the him. She stopped near him and asked if he was okay, or did he need any help. The man straightened up and look at her. There was a very sad expression in his eyes. He thanked her politely and told her that he was fine and was in no need of help. Sara could clearly see that he was in some sort of distress but how could she help him in any way, if he refused it?

She turned and entered the bakery to fetch the cake. While the shop assistant was putting the cake into its custom-built box, she mentioned the man sitting near the shop entrance. The shop assistant said that the man has been sleeping here at night for some days now. He always refuses any food or offer of help. And he is usually gone by the morning. Today he is lingering on but still declining to take any help from anyone. Sara was now very intrigued by this situation. She decided to try again and went outside to talk to him. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, are you in pain or are you sick?” She asked him hesitantly. “Thank you, miss I am just cold, not sick” , he replied. ” I sleep here at night and I didn’t used to be cold because I had my dog with me who kept me warm. My dog, Max died a couple of days ago. So I have to sleep on my own. That is cold and lonely too” Sara’s eyes filled with tears at this sad story. She had always felt that it was a sacred duty of the state to look after people in such circumstances. ” Sir if you would like, I have a shed at my home where you can sleep at night. And if it is okay with you , our garden needs looking after too. You can lend us a hand with that in exchange for a small salary?” He agreed to the generous offer made by her and Sara came home with the cake, carefully carried by the man.

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