To play or not to play

I am going to write about something, I need to understand and want you to give me your feedback on.

My blogging journey is about three months old, give or take a day or two. So I am just a baby in all the affair of this world. The rules are simple but there is something that I cannot fully understand.

What are the etiquettes governing the award nominations?

I love getting nominated for the various awards. I feel very encouraged and honored to receive an award. For me it is a sign of acceptance and recognition. I very happily accept these awards, thank the person who nominated me and whenever I can manage, I do the required acceptance post, with the Q &A, nomination and any other requirement that it may have. So far so good.

The confusion starts when I nominate someone for the award, as I am supposed to do. It has to be around 8-11 people. Not knowing all the rules of this nomination business, I nominated blogs from my limited knowledge of them and waited in anticipation for their responses. And here came the confusion!

Some people acted as anticipated, they accepted the award and went on with the whole process. But some Bloggers didn’t even acknowledged the nomination. And yet there were others who politely refused the award saying that their blog was ” Award Free

That was okay, well and good. But how does one know who to nominate and who not to? That is my question today, for which I would appreciate feedback from you all.

And I have a feeling that there are more Bloggers like me who are in this quandary.

I would be happy if this is clarified! I am going to nominate that blogger with a :

Clearing the confusion Award!

Waiting for you guys to throw some light on the issue.

Note; This is a light hearted post. No offense is intended!



90 thoughts on “To play or not to play

  1. Don’t you worry one bit!

    Awards were originally intended to be an encouragement I am sure. I think it’s possible though that within the blogging community we may end up nominating each other multiple times. That is not bad in itself, but for some the award post can be time consuming. Some bloggers have been at it for years and may have been nominated literally scores of times. They may have reached a point where they felt that they didn’t need that type of encouragement. Or perhaps it’s just never been their style. But that is fine. Some bloggers want to work on their own style of posts.

    I realized I was listing bloggers but just including the name of the blogger and of their site would not usually be communicated to the nominee via their notifications (unless you copy and paste the URL to a specific post of theirs so it appears in their notifications)…so you have to send a comment to each blogger, otherwise they would never even know they had been nominated.

    Answering questions, thinking up new questions to ask, including the rules can be time-consuming. Also, some just might feel it’s a bit like showing off.

    For me personally, they are a fun way to keep supporting and encouraging each other. I have accidentally nominated award free blogs.

    Don’t worry about anything Sadje – it’s all like a bunch of strangers being invited to a party – some might be on the dance floor having a boogie along side break dancers and salsa pros or waltzing champions…then there are those itching to jump up on the stage and be karaoke queens. Then there are others who might be standing in the corner enjoying a sherry and having a serious discussion. Some who want to moan and offload about all their stresses. There might be some who are cracking jokes and telling funny stories. Some are flirting and teasing. Others are really only there for the food. It is all alright. We all bring something different, we take some different.

    There are not really too many rules, so long as you are polite and nice to other bloggers – which you always are Sadje. You bring a lot to the party!!!

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  2. Don’t worry about it. I had the same with the nomination thing and no-one in my first set took them up. I’m hopeles at nominating anyway, so usually cheat a bit and throw it open, or select some of my recent followers as a thank you for joining me. Some sites are award free, so may not do the nomination thing, and some just like to answer the questions even if they haven’t been nominated at all!
    I think your blog’s great, so keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy yourself. πŸ™‚

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  3. I think it’s a matter of time for many people. Also the blogs we follow are all different. Some are all about the fun and tagging people and others are more serious. It’s a wonderful community and there’s something for everyone. Awards are flattering but I understand why some blogs choose to be Award Free. If you always thank someone for nominating you, then I think that should be enough and if you have the time you can participate. Keep on blogging and don’t worry about anything. I’m just happy you there and I can read all your wonderful posts πŸ™‚πŸ’•

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      1. Not at all my friend. You are golden πŸ™‚
        Try not to be a slave to the those who nominate either. It reminds me a little of those chain emails that you feel you must forward or else you’ll get bad luck πŸ€”πŸ˜•πŸ˜© No one means for it to be that way but that’s how some feel.
        Stay with the purpose of your blog and you can’t go wrong ❀️

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      2. Thanks a lot. I am and will be because it was my intent. But I like Award nominations as it feels like encouragement. I feel encouraged when I get it and want to share this with others. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

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  4. i love getting them, and will break rules right and left over the nomination process…….the bloggers that read my crap…ummmmmmm……..writing! yea, it is writing..tend to fall into three categories..the i LOVE these bloggers, the I can’t be bothered with this tripe bloggers and the I got this yesterday bloggers. it’s all in good fun.

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  5. I’m afraid I am one of the guilty, Sadje! I lead such an overwhelming routine that I can barely make time to write my blog, and the autism life can be so unyielding.
    These are all poor excuses in the face of your graciousness and my correspondingly rude silence. I hope you will forgive my inability to participate. But I do enjoy your blog and how friendly you are, and thank you for being the fun presence you are!

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  6. I enjoyed them in the beginning and they are a nice little bump up when you are starting out. After a while, though, the requirements to make additional nominations began to feel a lot like spam. And everyone who wanted an award had a lot of them, so by the time I stopped being willing to accept them, I had more than enough of them. I appreciated the thought until I realized these awards were going to essentially ANYONE willing to do them. Now, everyone is doing what I was doing in the beginning: offering them to anyone who wants it. This is a LOT better than trying to find individuals willing to “be nominated.”

    As long as you are enjoying doing them, there’s no harm in them. You aren’t exchanging money or doing anything dangerous. When you stop enjoying them, you can stop doing them. It’s not like someone is forcing you to do them, right?

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  7. I used to avoid them completely, though I always thanked the nominator in their comments. Lately I’ve been doing some, not all, though I generally avoid tagging anyone but the nominator in a thanks. It’s getting overwhelming though, with the noms and games and questions, reminding me of fb and the timesinking, so I’m gonna need to cut back again to more writing-related poasts and prompts. I was actually thinking about this a bunch today cuz i had a long drive ~ finished NaNo and don’t want to backslide into bad habits. I’ve already cut the photo prompts and more are gonna have to go. My bookshelf is waiting! πŸ˜€

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  8. I’ve been at this for over 3 years now. I used to get nominated quite a bit, and nominate others per the rules. It’s great when you’re first starting. A super way to network and draw attention to other fresh blogs. After I was at this a while, and got a bunch of the awards, many times over for each, I kind of just let the torch pass to those getting into this world. It’s nothing personal to those who still nominate me, every now and then. And I’ll still do some periodically. Just sorta been there, done that. Ya’ know?

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    1. Yeah I get it. But for a newbie it’s confusing. Is there a solution to this? In the end I think people who do respond get numerous nominations again and again. Maybe if we nominate 5-6 people instead of 11, it can be easier?

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      1. Not sure what the solution may be. You can keep nominating at your discretion. Lots of people just say whoever wants to take part are welcome to participate. Just don’t take it personally if they don’t. 😊😊

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  9. I think I might be guilty Sadje. You nominated me, and I did the same as I have to do whenever anyone nominates me. I always feel so touched when someone nominates me, but can’t do them due to my blindness. It is just too difficult for me. I am not sure I even thanked you Sadje, becayse I simply cannot find my way around WordPress oroperly! It confuses me so much. But, I felt SO bad at not responding to people who had nominated me that I pisted a gebpneral statement and explanation on my Blig, hoping that all who had nominated me for an Award woukd read it. Not shre that everyone dud. I felt si bad, because people had said such lovely things about me. But I just could not physically do it. So I hope I have not seriously offended anyone. It seems, Sadje, that there are many different reasons for what Happens. But, like you, I have wondered how it all works. Keep doing your Blog, Sadje and thankyou so much for visiting mine and liking stuff and commenting. It is like gold to me. Blogging is really hard when you are blind. Much liovev to you Sadje. Keep going!

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  10. I have been thoroughly confused about awards myself! I’m terrible at them. πŸ˜‚. I’m honored and grateful, truly. But, I’m awful at following through on them. I try to say thank you whether I β€œdo” them or not. They’re all in good fun. Some people do them and others don’t…all good! I applaud your honesty in this post. 😊

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  11. Ok
    Before we go any further with this debate allow me to nominate myself for the

    I think whether you go through all the rules of an award or not you should definitely thank the blogger who nominated you.

    As for nominees
    I usually link to their blogs when I nominate them. I am assuming that this way they will receive a notification.
    But it seems I am supposed to post a link in their comments instead.
    Please enlighten me.

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    1. Hi Tanya

      I published a sunshine blogger post yesterday.
      I listed my nominees at the end of my post. I put their blog name and the name of their site (sometimes they have the same).
      The way I did it, none of them would have known unless I had sent them a comment in addition. I don’t think all my nominees would have read all of my post to find out it they were listed.
      However, if I had copied and pasted the URL to one of their posts, then an automatic pingback would have sent a message to their notifications telling them that another blogger has linked to their post.

      The reason I mention it is that often I have fallen behind with my reading, and I have read another blogger’s post day’s later and just happened to notice my name was listed.

      Don’t worry…it has taken me months to notice how things like that work.

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      1. I am going to do a little experiment Tanya.
        I am going to pick two of my posts.
        One will have your blog name and site name.
        The other with have a link to a specific post.
        Tell me if you receive a pingback for one of them, both of them, or neither of them. Give me ten minutes to do it,

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  12. Thanks for asking and bringing it into the open! I love being nominated but often don’t get the notification/pingback due to being a self-hosted blog. Some people don’t do them and that is all fine with me too πŸ™‚

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  13. I was in same confusion when in the beginning… That’s true that some don’t even acknowledge the award… but appreciate those who politely comment on not doing any more awards.. I also had confusion whom to nominate from the big list…. and more to more going to each blog and letting them know that I have nominated them was tirey too..
    But One thing I learned is these awards are one sort of encouragement to fellow bloggers to keep writing and getting to know other bloggers… Its another way of maintaining healthy connections with all..

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  14. When I started interacting with bloggers, I was awed by those who were receiving multiple award nominations ( note these are all nominations…I wonder who gets the award and why I am not invited to the awards ceremony πŸ€”). Then, bam, I get one nomination and others follow in hot pursuit! Nominating 11 other bloggers is the overwhelming part. I did accept the nominations but made mistakes in pingback so some of my nominators never knew I had replied. Moreover I always broke the rule of nominating others by keeping the nominations open.
    Tags and Q&As are fun but require a lot of time. I love reading such posts but can’t find time enough to participate. As it is, visiting and commenting on the blogs I love takes a lot of time.
    But thanking the person who has nominated me is the least that I can do, and I make sure I do that.

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    1. That is true for me too. But since I have time to write, I do the acceptance post and nominations too. I think that I should learn from experience and try to remember the blogs which are award free, or too busy for this additional work. Thanks for your feedback.

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  15. I get nominated a lot also. I feel obliged to respond because someone has taken the time to nominate me in the first place and l don’t wish to disappoint them.

    I used to feel the same way as you do, but you mustn’t think it is a personal sleight to you from another blog.

    Everyone has their reasons to participate or not. I tend to these days nominate a blog anyway irrelevant to whether they are Award Accepting or Award free and put in a disclaimer. A get out of nomination free card or a right to not accept.

    I nominate a blog because l enjoy the blog, and all l am doing is displaying that.

    The bigger a blog gets, the more readership or the more writing you prescribe to your blog, the less time you have. I have a list of nominations, in fact l have one from you to still do, which is the Mystery Blogger award which l am doing this week. i try and pace out these types of posts, because l too find them time consuming, but when l first started l was getting on average 3 a week, and l would respond to those very quickly, but l have learned to not do that.

    You can’t remember which blog is award free and which isn’t, so just nominate them anyway if you want to is my philosophy, but have a disclaimer at the bottom of your post, allowing for those who do not wish to join in to have the freedom to not join in, but just accept the fact that you enjoy their blog.and you are paying them a compliment.

    Some of these award nominations ask for too many nominees, and that can take a lot of time, so don’t always fulfil that, you are not breaking any laws by not selecting 11, 8, 5 or one award l did wanted 15 or something silly. if you have 11 people you wish to nominate, then do so, but if you only want to nominate 5 of 11, then do that.

    I am lucky, because of the night time and good morning tags l do, l have an excel sheet filled with the names and the blog links, so l have these at hand very quickly. I look at the award in question then again lucky l can remember the content of roughly 1000 blogs anyway so l know what they do, and l try where l can to make sure the award ties up with them, but l do remember who is on sabbatical, who is currently not wanting to play along, but l also remember who is feeling down, or lonely or might be ill, yes l am lucky like that l do have a phenomenal memory, so l take all of these things into account when l am nominating people.

    Will this award nomination cheer this person up? Or will it make them think, or encourage them, or piss them off? If people did awards properly they would have to store that information all the time every day, and remember exactly WHAT blog stood for what,. the average person can maintain the knowledge of 216 blogs, enhanced more by the interaction they have with the blogs. So if you only directly and deeply interact with 20 blogs, your nomination list is quite small, and then you overwhelm your favourite bloggers. This also makes it difficult for people who have larger blogs, and who write a lot, as an award eats into your writing time, or your time.

    Awards are great fun, l love being nominated, and l expect to spen the minimum of 2 hours on a nomination post. The secret sadje, is to not overthink it , not do them all at once, have a disclaimed and remember they are fun πŸ™‚

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      1. Pleasure Sadje, l appologise for my spelling errors in that response. I wish there was a way of correcting them, but we can only do that if they are on our own blogs.

        Nominations are fun, they do give people a motivational kick and boost, but not everyone likes them, because they do eat into time and it is that which puts people off from doing them, and sometimes from just even accepting the compliment you have placed at their door.

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      2. So true. I appreciate your feedback. I take my cue from seasoned bloggers like you and Fandango. I like that you are gracious and kind. Thanks again πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

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      3. That is the true beauty of this community Sadje – a lot of bloggers will give their time. Fandango is more of a veteran than me, this is my first blog, it only started in September 2017. But l have taken to this medium as a duck takes to water. I prefer this medium for communication over anything else.

        As to being gracious, kind, couteous and considerate, why should l not be? It’s a pleasure always, and it is something that we can all do. We are like a big family here, we are certainly to some degrees given the nature of the community a much bigger and closer family than our real families.

        My family is shot to shit, long before my Father’s death, we were 100% dysfunctional. I have Suze and Scrappy who are my family, and l have my WordPress friends who are like my bigger family – and they say that you can’t pick your family, only your friends, well l am lucky here, l have found friendship and in turn, family πŸ™‚


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  16. I feel you, Sadje! I was also confused when I was starting because I share the same dilemma as you. What I did was I open the nomination and I nominate those who I know are willing only. You can tell by their blog if they’ll accept the nomination. I hope I’m making sense. 😁

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  17. I’ve been mulling over my response to you on this Sadje, and now it looks like everyone as said everything I was going to say.
    I think awards are great for recognising people and encouraging them in their writing/blogging. I understand that some people won’t respond, they have their reasons and I respect those.
    It can be quite onerous to do all the Q&A stuff which is why I cheated in the last one. I’d never want to make anyone feel bad about not answering. That’s also why I took a rain check on the two awards you nominated me for, since I was gearing up for NaNoWriMo. The second one will be coming out this week: Liebster, an encouragement to newer bloggers.
    One thought though, which I don’t think anyone mentioned: 11 nominations is a lot. If everyone did respond and nominate every time, we’d be knee deep in the things! Having said that, keep doing what you doing.

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    1. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I also feel that 11 nominations are too much. Given the few people willing to do the awards, we would end up nominating the same people over and over again. I think the number should be like 5 or 8.


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