The beauty pageant

They were closely related. Cousin perhaps. But there was a fierce rivalry between them. One was white with pretty black patches on it and the other was black with stockings of white.

They both belonged to Farmer Jones,who had built a very modern shed for his milk cows.

Bessie, the black one was considered to be superior due to the fact that she could produce around 50 pints of milk in a day. Whereas, Molly could only manage 40 to 45 pints. Though both of them were prize winners in the local animal pageant for the milk cows.

It was feeding time at the farm. Both the cows were keen to get to the hay and consume as much as it could, for everyone knew that the more you eat the more milk you produce. Bessie got there first and took a huge bite of hay, munching it she spoke sharply to her cousin, Hay, Molly, hay!If you don’t eat enough you can’t compete with me. The farmer Jones is not going to keep you for free. You have to provide milk to the farm. Molly was already fed up of Bessie so she shoved her into the hay trough. A while later the farmer found Bessie deep in the hay trough, trying to get out.

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