Heartbroken but not defeated!

My heart is shattered but not my spirit

My dreams are broken but not my love

My plans are in disarray but not my resolve

This has been a severe blow

But it hasn’t knocked me off course

The ship is still afloat and able

The journey may be difficult but not impossible

It’s dark and no star can I see

But the day is not that far away

Dawn is just breaking on the horizon

The way ahead is hazy but I can discern the shore

Hope is the driving wind in my sails

Resolve are my oars, pulling me towards

The safety and security of the land that is

My goal and a refuge

I may be heart broken but I am not defeated yet!

Let me know what you think of my post. Is it better to give in to grief or to soldier on, trying to reach your goals anyway?


51 thoughts on “Heartbroken but not defeated!

  1. Love this poem! By the way, thank you SO, so much for the follow! Every one counts, and you were my 10th! As you could probably tell, this page is pretty new. So at any time please feel free to drop in for a visit — Feedback of any type is encouraged. Stay tuned, for major changes are about to happen to my blog today, including a shoutout post to your blog that I will be positing soon. Once again, thanks! Have a great day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It is my pleasure to visit you. I hope that your blog goes as you envisioned it. It is important to write what you believe in. You will get satisfaction from that. The follows and likes will come automatically. All the best.

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  2. It depends on whether or not you have reachable goals. If you want to be a great artist, but you can’t paint, you are better off doing something for which you have talent. If, on the other hand, you are a good writer but haven’t found your “center,” soldier on. There’s no single answer for everything. We do the best we can and that’s it for all of us. Some people have more talent than other, but sometimes, it’s the ones that just keep plugging away that get there while others fall off the wagon. How do YOU feel about it?

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    1. I feel that if you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life, one has to stick to the vision we have if our goal. In life there are many pitfalls and diversion. If we let these stand in our way, we cannot become focused. And you are right when you say that persistence pays more than talent. Though each have their own place.


      1. Let me rephrase. You need the talent or no amount of persistence will get you there. But a little talent and a LOT of persistence can win the day. You need talent for art to be an artist. ANY kind of artist. You also need to keep working on your abilities to make them better.

        You need both.

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        1. But itโ€™s not just art. Itโ€™s life which has everything. Artists have to have talent but ordinary people can succeed if they work hard. Goals can be life goals or artistic challenges.


  3. You should give in to whatever you feel otherwise you are just hurting yourself. With regard to goals – focusing on one thing too intently means that other opportunities can pass you by without you even realising it :O) x

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  4. Beautifully written. A poem of hope despite all difficulties and heart breaks. It is better to continue pursuing our dreams. As Catalan peace activist Muriel Casals said: “We are the dream.” No, we shall not give up. On the issue against power abuse from a person or group of people on another person or group of people there should never be any tolerance. Human rights must always be respected from the lover that mistreats the other person to the government that abuses its citizens.

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