New 11 from Laura

Laura of Riddles from the Middle has posed 11 questions for whoever wants to answer. So here goes;

1.Close your eyes and picture yourself – what age are you?

Twenty three!

2.What’s the weirdest thing we’ll find in the bottom of your purse/tucked in the back of your wallet?

A stick of gum without wrapping.

3.You show up for an appointment and are told it will be ten minutes. There are chairs but no reading material for waiting. What do you do for those ten minutes?

Take out my phone and start reading comments and posts on the WordPress app.

4.Are you a run-into-the-burning-building or a call-911-and-take-care-of-the-people-outside sort of person?

Haven’t been put to test yet but I suspect that I would be trying to get people out of the building.

5.What’s your sharpest memory from childhood? How old are you in it?

I am three and was peeping in a small hole in the wall and a few hornets came out of that same hole and stung me on my face. And boy! Did I make a huge fuss.

6.What is your very first blog post about? (Go on. Link it. You know you want to.)

My very first post was about how it was my first post. I was very surprised to find myself actually doing it.

7.How would it affect the people around you if you fell into a one week coma? (Seriously. Take a minute and think about how you touch other people’s lives in a day.)

The whole house hold will be in disarray.

8.You can fill ten strangers’ gas tanks or pay for ten strangers’ checkout at the grocery store. Which do you choose and why?

Pay for their groceries. Food being more important than going places.

9.How do you deal with privacy issues (for you, for your friends and family) on your blog?

I am very careful not to mention anyone by name or post any pictures of my family or friends.

10.Tell us about someone who knocked your socks off this year. Who are they and what made them special?

My family and it’s not one grand gesture but small things done thoughtfully all the time, specially on my birthday.

11. Name something you’ll never do again, something you wish you could try, and something you’ve done that you wish you could do all the time.

I won’t go back to my childhood, when my mom passed away. It was a very traumatic time for us all.

I would love to have the courage ( and money) to try skydiving. Need both!

I used to ride my bike a lot when I was younger and slimmer AND had my natural knees. I would, if I could go riding my bike. Really loved the feeling.

Thank you, Laura. Loved the uniqueness for your questions.



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