An afternoon at the lake

Kids were running in the park. The children were on the swings, see-saws and the monkeys bars. The colorful spiral slide was also attracting a lot of attention from the young kids.

At one of the park benches, sat a woman. Her grandson was playing with his friends nearby. Then they were having a debate of some sort. Her grandson approached and asked her, Granny can we have a picnic outside near the lake? he asked. Well my dear, I can’t see why not. We should ask your mom first. Granny said. What do you guys want to bring for food? She wanted to know. Can we have some of the gingerbread men you made the other day? Asked the boy. And some apple strudel too! His friends had also joined him and they were waiting for the granny to capitulate to their plan.

After getting the approval from the mother, the kids and the lady, started for the nearby park. They were carrying a packed basket of food and different juice drinks for the kids. It was a really nice park with a lake adjacent to it. In fact it was the busiest park of their town. The kids had a great time, playing tag and running around. The time just flew by. It was getting dark and granny asked the kids to pack up the picnic things and to head back.

Just then a large rain drop hit her in the face. With dismay she looked up to see rain clouds. The first drop was soon followed by a heavy rain. They ran to take shelter in the awning near a store on the outside of the park. They hadn’t any umbrella with them and walking home in this rain could be catastrophic as her grandson was very susceptible to chest infections. Granny why don’t you call an รœber, suggested the boy. Oh, thank God, I have my phone with me and I will do that right now, said a very relieved granny. I forgot that we could do that. She said, How times have changed!

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gingerbread, town, catastrophe



17 thoughts on “An afternoon at the lake

  1. Reminds me when I took the grandkids to the park. It was July, an oppressive, overcast afternoon. But I still went. Half an hour after getting there the thunder started. I started packing the grandkids into the wagon to start back when the rain started. We ran under the slide for shelter. We were still there half an hour later with thunder and lighting raging and the rain teeming down. The grandkids were screaming their heads off and I was trying to soothe them. Eventually two people ran over with umbrellas and rescued us and bought us to their house till the thunder storm passed.

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