The sale

“This building is from the last century but it is in excellent condition. The owner has spent a lot of money and loving care on its maintenance ” Sally was giving the couple her usual sales pitch. She described the many features of the spacious house in detail to them, hoping in her heart that it would be the final time she had to do it for this property. It had been on the market for the last year and a half and every time when it seemed that a sale was imminent, something or the other came up. Sally desperately wanted the commission that would come with the sale.

This old couple seemed to be very impressed by the house. They were asking keen questions and were looking at all the details very minutely. Why is the house on sale? Asked the husband. ” As I explained before the owners are moving to another state , in a retirement community near where their son lives” replied Sally. ” Well we like this one very much and we are prepared to meet the asking price” replied the man. Sally was elated but she kept on an impassive face. Her joy was dampened by the next remark the man made.” But we have a condition” Condition? What sort of condition? Sally was trying to control herself from expressing any annoyance.

“We want to spend a couple of nights in the house before the final documents are signed” This was an unexpected request but not very unreasonable, she thought to herself. So taking a risk she agreed to their condition. Arrangements were made for the couple to stay two nights in the house and she handed them the keys.

After two days had passed, she hadn’t heard from them and she started to get worried. She made a call to the husband’s cell, but it went straight to the voicemail. Now very edgy, she decided to go and visit the property herself. The door to the house was standing open, and a lot of activity was seen. Furniture was being moved in the house and a couple of men were busy arranging the stuff. Sally was a bit puzzled but relieved that the couple had decided in favor of keeping the house. Just then the wife stepped out. Hi! Sally called out to her. She perhaps didn’t hear her as she turned and went inside and closed the door. The uneasy feeling was growing in Sally’s mind. She decided to take a direct course. As she rang the bell, the door opened and now the man came out.

Mr Johnson, I was getting worried when you didn’t get in touch yesterday, she said. The man gave her a blank look, with no sign of recognition in it. ” I am sorry, miss. Do I know you? ” This was too much for Sally. ” Yes you know me very well”, she said in a loud belligerent voice. ” I am the agent who is selling you this house” she was almost shouting now as the fear of being a victim of fraud started to worry her. Selling ?But I am the owner of this house, why do I need to buy it from your agency? He replied calmly. What do you mean, owner . This house belongs to Mr Jordan. He is the owner of this house for last thirty five years. Sally was now really upset and feeling out of her depth.

It turned out that Mr Johnson was actually Mr Jordan. They had gone on a long vacation, to visit their daughter living in Australia. During their absence, their son had put the house on market under false pretense. He wanted that they should move to a retirement home and give him the money. As the couple had returned earlier than planned, a well wishing neighbor had informed them of the going ons and they had devised the plan to regain the possession of their own home.

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