The crash

The sound of music reached him first. As he turned the corner the Violin player came into his view. Such a gift he had. The sweet melody issuing from his instrument was a joy to listen to. Quite a crowd was gather at the street corner where he was playing. Ben was himself an amateur player of different musical instruments and loved to hear them played. This guy was probably a retired member of an Orchestra and using his talent to earn some money.

The crowd was so immersed in the music that no one noticed the car that was heading straight towards it. The driver of the vehicle seemed to be intoxicated as the car seemed out of his control. The car’s noise over rode the music as it came near and people realizing that it was going to ram into the crowd, scattered quickly to avoid it. The evasive action saved many people from getting hurt but a small boy was standing right in the path of the car, frozen by sheer fear. The violinist saw that and threw himself forward to drag the boy out of the danger. As the car hit the wall of the store front, some people moved towards it to see how the driver of the car had fared.

“Please stay back, sir! ” This was a command given by the constable who had heard the crash and was doing his duty in saving any member of the public from danger. The people moved to let him approach the car. When he looked inside the car, the driver seemed unconscious but still breathing. “Call an ambulance” someone shouted!

The ambulance arrived shortly and very gently they brought the driver out of the damaged car. It was a man in his late sixties. The reason for the accident because apparent when the paramedics examined him. ” This guy has suffered a heart attack while driving and lost the control of his vehicle” he explained. ” Thank God, that no one was injured in the crash”. People turned their attention towards the violin player who was standing with the child he had rescued on the side of the crash. A very shaken woman, the boy’s mom was profusely thanking him and the crowd started to applaud the brave action of him, which saved the boy’s life.

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