Happiness is;

Happiness is

Not to have to worry

about where to rest your head at night

Happiness is

Not to go hungry or crave food

A belly full, is a heart content

Happiness is

The cold and snow won’t scare

When a warm blanket is there to comfort

Happiness is

Thirst can be quenched with water

That doesn’t bring illness or death

Happiness is

To sleep and not worry about

A raid or a bomb killing you at night

Happiness is

To have a place you can call home

Not to be treated as an alien and enemy

Happiness is to be treated as an equal human being and not statistics of war.

Written for those who are looking for answers. For them happiness is to get what we all take as granted. The people in war-torn countries, the people displaced by conflicts and the people declared as aliens by the government.

Please share your thoughts and views in comments.



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