Daily Fun Three

Rory is now upping the game. Let’s see how difficult it’s going to be!

Name Three …

Things you can find in a garbage/rubbish/trash can beginning with the letter D?

Dental floss, dirty dishes and dog food cans.

Things that can be found floating on the wind?

Leaves, Humming birds and Music.

Things in a river that are not fish?

Paper boats, Dandelions Fuzz and Boats.

Things found around the house beginning with the letter E?

Electric Lamps, Electric sockets and Electric Iron!

Animals that don’t have the letter E in their name?

Cat, Dog and Cow.

Bands/Groups that have three [3] in their name [not a song]?

30 Seconds to Mars, 311 and Three days Grace.

Holidays/Vacations that only involve visiting ruins?

Egypt, Scotland and France.( not only, there is plenty more to see besides ruins)

Things that can seriously ruin your day?

Wi-fi not working, phone not working and COFFEE MACHINE NOT WORKING!

Roman Gods?

Zeus, Jupiter and Cupid.

Animals that lay eggs? [Monotremes ]

Platypus, Short beak Echidna and Long beak Echidna!

Three letters in the alphabet that don’t sound the same as the other letters?

A, B and D!

Gemstones that start with the letter T?

Tourmaline, Topaz and Turquoise.

Cocktails that begin with the letter M?

Mad Cow, Mad Hatter and Mad Scientist!

Hobbies that are no longer as popular as they were twenty years ago?

Knitting, Stamp collecting and Coin collecting.

“You see someone told ‘im to make the game a little more of a finking type of game, so l reckoned l would have a go, some come on you lot, cough up!”

check out this latest Daily Fun Three at

A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips

And try it out. You don’t want to miss the fun!

( I have to confess taking help from good old trusty friend, GOOGLE)


30 thoughts on “Daily Fun Three

  1. Zeus was Greek, his Roman counterpart was Jupiter though! 🤪 On my end I would be clueless regarding music bands (unless it is classical music orchestra) and cocktails! I enjoy reading this!

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  2. Excellent Sadje, although on the letters , would you not say that Bee and Dee sound the same, and perhaps Ay and Kay, as an example 🙂 Otherwise excellent and full brownie points for the Monotremes, well done, there is one species of platypus and 4 species of Echinda. Zeus as you now know via Kenza was in fact Greek, but apart from absolutely excellent 🙂

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