Sunday picnic

It was a golden autumn day. A bit of chill in the air but glorious sunshine and the smell of fall. Robin and Jerry made a plan to have picnic in the nearby park. The park had a wonderful atmosphere, being surrounded by tall trees and nice trails. There were quite a few people there walking, strolling or enjoying an outdoor meal with family or friends.

Robin had been friends with Jerry, since they had started college together. With time their friendship had blossomed into love, and they were now planning to get married after graduating.

The ground was a bit damp but since the sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t unpleasant to sit on the blanket spread on the grass. The floor of the forest was strewn with fallen leaves of all hues of rust and gold.

As they were enjoying their lunch, a dog appeared. It was a cute one, a golden retriever. Jerry offered the dog a bit of his leftover sandwich.

The dog, after sniffing it, gobbled it up. As the dog was finishing its impromptu meal, the silence was disrupted by an eruption of wrath from a man. He apparently was the owner of the dog, his anger was directed at Jerry for feeding his dog ” rubbish” according to the man. Both Jerry and Robin tried to pacify the man but he was adamant with his fatuous accusation. The apology from both of them has as little effect on him as their efforts to smooth over the turbulent situation. They were attracting attention from others around them and Robin was feeling a bit embarrassed now. Thankfully, just then a boy of about ten, came towards them. At his approach, the dog ran to him. “Dad, why are you being angry with these people” he asked.

Dad, stopped his rant and looked at his son, a bit shamefaced.

“I am sorry, my dad was worried when we couldn’t find Max, our dog. He gets a bit “upset”! “

He dragged his dad away, the dog went too, giving them a friendly look.

“Now I wouldn’t want to face this guy again” said Jerry as them were packing up their stuff.

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