The miracle of Nature

The butterflies were flitting from flower to flower. The scene was so beautiful, as the colorful flowers were being serenaded by the flitting butterflies in so rich hues.

Wherever we look, we see miracles of nature, its beauty and the magnificent colors. And how it is all fitting-in seamlessly, like the choreography of a theatre play. Not one of the nature’s creation can exist on its own. Each are depended on the other, some for propagation and some for survival.

The flowers are being pollinated by the butterflies and the bees. The bees are gathering nectar from the flowers to make honey. Smaller animals are depended upon insects, vegetation and flora to stay alive . And so on and on goes this circle of survival. And has been going on for millions of years.

The mechanics of the universe are running smoothly without interruption or hitches. This vast universe has a working pattern of its own. Rules that govern the survival of the fittest in nature. At the same time, nature has provided safeguards for the weak. The young are cared and provided for by the parents. The species unable to exist on their own are provided a support system called symbiosis. Where the weaker species latch onto the stronger one. The most beautiful example being that of Orchids.

We need to observe and reflect on the perfect universe and the true feelings of thankfulness emerges from these reflections. It is inspiring to observe nature and it’s miracles!

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