The map

The site was marked on the map and by his calculations it should have been around this location. He had dug around in a number of places now but no sign of the box, buried here centuries ago. He sat on one of the rocky projections and had a drink of water from the canteen. It was a dilemma! Had the map really changed, or had he read it wrong to begin with?

He was sure that the map was authentic. The expert at the archeology departmental his university had confirmed it. Of corse he hadn’t disclosed the history or importance of the map to him.

A nasty suspicion crossed his mind. Was it possible that the informant who had sold him the map had removed the box before he gave him the map? He started to get angry, imagining the double cross. Well I will give it one last try, he thought after he had refreshed himself with the rest and water. If I don’t find it then that sleaze ball will have to give me some answers!

He re-oriented himself and marked a new spot to dig. Digging for about half an hour, his spade struck something metallic. His excitement knew no bounds. Desperate to find the treasure, he used his hands to uncover the rusted and misshapen box buried in the rocky ground.

At last he had it out in the open. Placing the box on his knees, he forced the tiny lock. The lid was stuck and wouldn’t budge. After all it hadn’t been opened in a very long time. Using his knife, he pried open the reluctant lid and stared at the contents of the box in disbelief!

Written for:

December writing prompts 4th Dec


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