Daily fun three!

Here are more triplets from Rory;

Name Three …

Cold things?

Ice cream, iced coffee and snow.

Hot things?

Hot chocolate , hot coffee and hot tea.

Boy’s Names beginning with Z?

Zac, Zach and Zak.

Countries beginning with the letter G?

Greenland, Gambia and Ghana.

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Pig, piglet and Miss Piggy.

Things that are square?

Napkin, envelope and Stamp.

Holidays you have been on?

Washington DC, Turkey, Dubai.

Words that rhyme with Pink?

Think, Rink and drink.

Urban Legends?

No idea!

Things that are pink?

Pink dresses, Pink bags and Pink Panthers.

Things to do with baseball?

Bat, Ball and Base?

Marvel Heroes?

Captain America, Iron Man, Dr Strange, The Hulk, Ant Man, Spider-Man…..

Ice Cream Flavours?

Chocolate, Peanut butter and Caramel crunch.

Things that comes from the ocean beginning with the letter O?

Octopus, Orca and Oyster.

These are fun challenges. Why don’t you try it!

Head over to: A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips and check out this daily fun three!



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