The Ceremony

A huge crowd had gathered for the oath taking ceremony of the new Governor. The ceremony had taken place and now the Governor was going to address the press, and take a few questions too. But the officials and people managing the event were in no hurry. Working at a leisurely pace they were taking care of the different aspects of the function.

A stir near the stage captured the attention of the crowd. The newly elected Governor was coming on the stage followed by the his aides. Adjusting the mikes the man spoke to the press and the public gathered around the stage. His speech was full of empty promises, false statistics and ugly accusations levels at his opponents. He was vocal about his support for the big companies. The people had heard all this rhetoric before and frankly they were beginning to see through his empty words.

As the speech finished a number of hands from the gathered press section went up. Before he could signal to any one of the press corespondent, he was pummeled by Questions from all sides. Unable to make himself heard in this rain queries, he strode away from the center of the stage and disappeared in the back.

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