The appointment

The day was balmy, the light breeze was pleasant and calming. But he was in no mood to enjoy his time in the fresh air. His appointment was in a few minutes and he was running late.

The Board of Directors was meeting to discuss the pending issues related to his company. He was the chairman of his company, but the control of the Board of Directors had slipped from his hands due to some unwise decisions his father had made just before he died. Robert was not happy how things had been left at his father’s death. The company was in the red, the share prices were dropping and there was a major lay-off in the manufacturing units in the offing.

His team had sat up late last night , trying to work at a solution to the problems his company was facing. Their idea was to have a uniform policy for all manufacturers and a higher bonus payments to the well performing units. They would go for aggressive marketing and promotion of their product. It would mean wooing the board to his way of thinking but he was confident that he will be able to do it, because he had all the statistics in the favor of this new plan. He just had to appear confident.

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