Daily fun three

Rory’s newest three!

Name Three …

Potato Dishes?

Fries, Jacket potato and mashed potato.

Types of flowers?

Rose, Lily and Chrysanthemums.

American Authors?

John Grisham, Robert Ludlum and Nora Roberts.

Rivers in England?

Thames, Severn and Trent.

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Peacock, Penguin and Pig.

Popular sports played on a field?

Soccer, Basketball and Baseball.

School Subjects that you were terrible at?

English, because of my spellings.

Types of tropical fruit?

Papaya, Coconut and Pineapple.

Things that grown on trees?

Money( I wish it would), Almonds, Bananas and Some flowers like Plumeria.

Things that are pink?

Pink flamingos , Barbie dresses and Pink panther.

Cartoon characters?

Bugs Bunny, Tweety bird and Daffy Duck.

Muppet Characters?

Kermit the frog, Miss piggy and Walter.

Items of clothing that are pointless?

Necktie, Toe socks and Scoodie.

Gifts that cost less than a £5/$5 or five of your currency that make ideal presents?

Flower(s) , Chocolates and Scented candles.

These were my fun three things. What are yours?

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