Keeping it alive II

In one of my previous post;

Keeping it alive

I talked about keeping your interest in life strong and healthy. When the empty nest syndrome strikes, we are prone to become a bit depressed and lose the keenness with which we used to perform our day-to-day duties. The pick and drop of the kids, rushing to make the game practice session or dropping them at their friend’s place. They are all grown up now, busy with their lives, studies or job etc.

So how should you, the previously busy mom, employ your now free time? I have a few more suggestions:

1. Volunteer work

Now talk about the good work. So this is the best use of your time. If you have your own transport and are in good physical health, going to an old people’s home , a hospital or even at local school or library is a great way to utilize your free time and earn brownie points for helping others. All these institutions require volunteers to help guide the people in their care. The work is not hectic and you can choose how much you can do. Sitting and reading to an old person or a sick child can be of tremendous importance, both to them and you.


If you ever had a yearning to write, now is the time. Start simple and small. If you start to write a book from the word get go, you might find it a hard task to accomplish. Writing a blog or a travelogue is a good start. I myself am spending my spare time in writing a blog( this one😜) and I find it a rewarding experience. Writing a diary is not only a good idea but also therapeutic, in case you want to vent out somethings out of your system. Just writing them down is a way of getting over them.

3. Art work, painting etc

If you are the creative type this should be your hobby. Painting with any medium like oil , water colors or chalk , all are relatively easy to learn ( if you haven’t done them before) and give yourself the artistic freedom to choose what you like best. One thing about painting is that the results are instantly visible. You don’t have to work at it for weeks. A few brush strokes and you can see what you are creating. Some people are good with charcoal or pencil sketching. It will be fun to see what works better for you.

4. Photography.

As now almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with a pretty good camera, the need to invest in expansive cameras has been limited to the professionals only. So go out for a nature walk and capture whatever strikes your eye. I assure you that if you are bitten by the shutterbug, you will enjoy this tremendously. Or you can photograph cityscapes, waterway or other interesting things. If you want to take pictures of people, other than your own self or friends and family, it is always a good idea to ask first! You don’t want to offend anyone or get into trouble.

Tell me what you think of my post. Waiting to hear from you.






41 thoughts on “Keeping it alive II

  1. I’m a natural hermit by disposition, so not having kids or a romantic partner hasn’t negatively impacted me. But women who are more socially inclined can find it very challenging to get old. Especially if their kids have grown up and they have divorced. Great post.

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  2. I’ve never been in this position having had no kids, however, when I retired, even though it was unofficial, I had time on my hands and there is only so much housework or gardening you can do. I joined a ladies group, worked occasionally for a museum and was also a kennel maid three days a week for a while plus we walked the dog a lot. Now I play darts once a week which was a good way of getting out and meeting people other than dog walkers. I’m content with just Hubby and the dog, but when we go out, we are always sociable and meet some lovely people, which is great.

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    1. Thanks. I reposted this one because, for 1: I didn’t get time yesterday to write my usual post and 2: cause I think it didn’t got to enough people the last time. Always appreciate your feedback.

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