Daily fun three

Rory, at The Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has created another fun challenge;

Name three things!

Name three things –

That you cannot under any circumstances live without ?

Well there is air, or to be more accurate, oxygen. Food, specially coffee, an integral part of food. Water would be the third essential. For drinking, washing, bathing…

That you write about every week?

My thoughts on life and everything that I see around me happening, daily prompts and writing challenges posted by bloggers like Rory and Fandango !

That you wouldn’t recommend doing whilst holding one foot in the air?

Trying to pick up the other one, walking and absolutely not to drive.

That you say to people every day?

Have a good day, thanks a lot and sorry can’t eat this as I am on a diet!

To do with your street?

Calm, green and lovely flowers

That you can eat with brown sauce?

Maybe a steak, mushrooms and caramelized onions.

You like about your favourite bloggers?

They are funny, encouraging and give us prompts!

That you don’t eat every week?

Beef, lamb and Turkey.

That you wished you could eat every day?

All the carbs that I am not supposed to! Three times over!!!

About your favourite pair of shoes that you like?

They are old, comfy and open.

That annoyingly always arrive in three?

Visitors when you are running late for an important appointment, a car break down and a traffic snarl up!

About books you really don’t like?

No story line, repitative and ambiguous.

Thanks a lot to Rory for another entertaining challenge, with minimal brain work involved.

Why don’t you check it out.



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