A unforgettable shopping trip

“I need your credit card mom!” Shelly shouted . “Why is that so? “Asked her mom. “I want to get gifts for you and dad, for Christmas”. “And you need my card to pay for them” asked her mom. It was amusing how her daughter couldn’t see the paradox in her request.

She gave her card to her daughter with instruction to keep the expenditure in limit. “You can use no more than fifty dollars” she said. “And this money will be coming out of your pocket money” she told Shelly.

The mall was at a walking distance from their apartment and Shelly was going there with her friend, Jen. She and Jen were neighbors as well as best friends, growing up together from babies onward. “Please be careful with the card and don’t lose it” Shelly’s mom asked her as the girls were leaving home. “Don’t worry, we will be very careful.

The mall was busy with holiday shoppers. Christmas was round the corner and present shopping was at it’s height. The girls wandered about,looking for suitable presents. After much deliberation and search they found the perfect gifts. A pair of cuff links for dad and a lovely bracelet for her mom. “I am sure that they will love your gift”, Jen said as they got the presents gift wrapped and paid for them. “You know Jen” said Shelly, “mom did say fifty dollars and I just spent thirty eight, so I can get something else for the twelve dollars that she said I could use”.

Jen was the wiser of the two and she wasn’t in favor of Shelly spending more money. Her logic was irrefutable, that since the money was loan from her mom, the less she spent, the less she had to pay back. But the idea had gotten hold of Shelly’s mind and she dragged her friend to the cosmetic store. Both the girls were teenagers and were developing a love of makeup. They checked out different brands and products on display, applying them on to see how it looked on their face or against their skin. Finally Shelly had selected a eye palette for herself. It was way more than twelve dollars but in that moment she didn’t care. At the cash register she looked for the card to make the payment but it was nowhere to be found!

She forgot all about the palette she was going to buy and stepped aside to look through her bag for her Mom’s card. “Oh my God, what I do now! She is going to ground me for a year for this” she wailed to her friend. “Please calm down, Shelly. I am sure if we look for it properly we will find it” Jen was trying to pacify her panicking friend. But after turning out all the contents of Shelly’s bag, they couldn’t find the card. Jen drew her out of the cosmetic store and calmed her. “Shelly did you put the card properly in your bag when you paid at the store for your Mom’s bracelet?”She asked. “Well I think I did….. “but Shelly sounded doubtful. They decided to check in that store. Maybe the card fell down when Shelly was putting it in her bag. It was worth trying anyway. As they entered the jewelry store, a relived sales girl greeted them. “Hey, guys! You came back for the card? “She asked. A happy grin on her face, Shelly said that they had. “Well you know, you should be more careful with this” “But where did you find it” asked a exulted Shelly. “My dear you left it on the counter when you made the payment. Hope you are more careful in future”

Of course we will be, replied a relieved Shelly. They hurried home before the had another mishap.

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