Vital information II

He made the call to the local police station. Soon he was connected to the officer on duty. Very rapidly he started to tell the officer all the information he had.

“Well slow down sir, let me write this down”, said the officer. Can you tell me your name? ” My name is Arthur Black” , “and what do want to report sir? ” Arthur told him all about the plot he had heard being discussed by the two men in the restaurant. At last he had the full attention of the on duty officer, who then put him in contact with the inspector. He took down all the details and asked Arthur to stay where he was. ” We are sending our people down there, they will escort you to someplace safe”

As he was being driven back to his hotel, where his wife was waiting anxiously for him, Arthur caught a glimpse of one of those men, going into a back alley in a suspicious manner. He asked the driver of the car to stop and jumped out of the car to see where that fellow was going. The cop driving the car also came behind him, asking him to be careful as they seemed to be dealing with people of the organized crime. It seemed that they had a anonymous tip about this sort of crime being planned. But that was classified information.

The alley was almost dark as the evening was approaching and the trash bins were standing with a coating of frost visible on them.

They caught sight of the man disappearing in the back entrance of a building. Arthur was told by the cop to stand guard hidden near the entrance, and he went to report the sighting and ask for backup from the headquarters.

As Arthur waited for the cop to come back, he saw the other man from the Café return with another man. Both were carrying heavy bags. He observed them dragging the bags and heard the exchange of dialogue between them. They were discussing the plot. The plan was to detonate a van laden with explosives under the target building, in the parking. The van was to be armed with explosives in this back alley after night fall. This was a very important information and filled Arthur with elations. He knew that now he had the means in his knowledge to stop this heinous plan.

The cop returned after a while, bringing with him the back up force. They soon overcame the suspects and had confiscate all the explosives from them.

The police inspector was very profuse in his gratitude towards Arthur. They even offered him a free guided tour of London and other historical places near it for Arthur and his wife.

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Vital information




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