Her hero 30th November

She had always been very fond of her big brother. There was a gap of ten years between them. So bypassing the sibling rivalry, they had settled into a easy relationship. For him, she was a little sister to be protected from the unpleasantness of life and cherished. Whereas for her it was a simple case of hero worship. And after the death of their parents in a car accident, he took care of her, like a father would.

He had been studying medicine and had joined Doctors Without Borders when she finished school. And was now on an assignment abroad, she knew that he was in Africa, but which country? She didn’t know.

She was so proud of the work he was doing. Helping the people of war torn African countries get better medical and health facilities. He, and the team he was working with, were putting their own lives at risk to help those in need. They were often working in minimal hygienic conditions, fixing broken limbs, performing surgeries and patching up the war wounded.

He was her hero and she had wanted to follow in his footsteps. She would become a doctor and help others in need. But luck didn’t favor her choice. She failed to make it to the med school. It was quite a blow to her self confidence and all her plans were in disarray.

But her brother was the pillar of strength for her. He encouraged her to follow her other passion, music.

And today was the day she hoped to make her brother proud of her. She with her friends from the music world had arranged to hold a concert to help raise awareness and funds for the poor of those countries, his brother had been serving as a doctor.

And she did! He was at her concert and was amazed at her performance!

Written for;

30 November; November writing prompts

Her hero


15 thoughts on “Her hero 30th November

  1. Congratulations! Touching story! I had a few friends and family members participate in Doctors Without Borders. In some ways, I can feel what she’s feeling about not getting into medical school like my friends and family. I hope I find my way like she did. 😊

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