A roller coaster ride

Or I could title my post:

Time, oh, time, where art thou?

Or rather where art thou running to!

Have you ever felt that time is racing away from us? A week starts and than it’s Friday again. The months are merging and the year 2018 has almost ended.

I remember the last day of 2017 making a new year’s resolution and before I know it, it’s the time again to make resolutions for the next year.

People say that it’s a good time that passes quickly. As per Einstein’s theory of relativity, that should be so! But I feel as if it’s a roller coaster ride and time is just flashing by.

And this “Cyclone ” is just appropriate too. Or maybe a whirlwind! I keep on planning to do this or that but find no time to do it.

Appointments are kept, but with lot of planning. But promised visits and get together keep on being postponed because we can’t find time! And where does this time goes to? How can we find it, hiding from us!

Would organizing and planning stop this flight of time? Or is this a by-product of today’s fast paced life? Managing time and prioritize our daily life maybe holds the answer!

How do you manage to make time for all that you want or have to do?

Waiting for your feedback and comments



23 thoughts on “A roller coaster ride

  1. What a very ‘timely’ post, Sadje! It’s so apt for someone who just run out of time for completing NaNo.
    I wish there was a magic formula (potion?) for fitting it all in.
    I do what I MUST do. I have to do lists and I have a diary, and I have a notebook by my bed. It’s a habit I started half a lifetime ago, and I’ve found it a good one.
    If it’s on the to do list, it will get done, but it’s all about priorities. Clients come first.

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  2. Time has really flown since I’ve started blogging. Start writing and you enter a new dimension where time has no meaning. Then you come back to reality and find that one minute in the writing world is equivalent to four hours in this.

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  3. So true! I have reclaimed a chunk of my free time by giving up Facebook, aimless group chatting, almost all tv, watching vids & other silly stuff online, etc. I’ve made it a priority to keep to the things that motivate my writing, such as writers’ blogs, twitter poetry prompts, news about publishing, etc.

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