Vital information

He had to convey the information immediately! It was so vital that the proper authorities be informed on time. A lot of lives depended on it. He ran to the phone booth, hands in his pocket, trying to locate the change needed to make that call.

What a contrast today was from yesterday. He and his wife were so carefree than. Enjoying their visit to London. Sightseeing and exploring this historic city. The was no inkling of trouble brewing , no indication that this will happen. And now!

What a different day today was. Sweat was pouring out of him because of the adrenaline rush. He was in a state of fear, fear of what can and will happen if he failed.

He came by this intelligence just by chance. It was the men sitting on the table behind them in the cafe, where he was having breakfast with his wife. A loud swear and angry exclamation drew his attention towards them. Unconsciously he started to follow the low voiced conversation. And he was astounded at what those men were planning.

They were arguing about the reasons behind the plot they were acting upon. The plot to blow up a part of an important building in the central London. Their voices carried enough information about the scheme. So now he was hurrying to the public phone booth to call and inform the local police. He needed to hurry to prevent those perverts from killing so many people and cause destruction to public property. He had valuable information. To warn the unaware public.

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